Occoids is an implementation of Reynolds' Boids, a simulation of bird flocking. Each bird is able to see the other birds and obstacles in a fixed radius in front of it, and adjusts its velocity based on a set of simple rules. Our implementation also features trees (white circles), which the birds will avoid flying into. The birds form tight flocks and navigate around obstacles as an emergent behaviour.

Occoids with food

We extended the model to include food (green squares), which the birds are strongly attracted to, and hawks (red squares), which frighten the birds and cause them to temporarily change their flocking behaviour.

Occoids with restricted view

If the field of view of the birds is severely restricted, they form long, thin "flocks" that eventually settle down into a single direction.

Distributed Occoids

Occoids can be distributed across a cluster of machines using asynchronous network messaging. This video shows Occoids running on the Display Wall at the University of Tromso.

The Display Wall's gesture-tracking system is used here to insert new agents into the simulation.

The gesture-tracking system is used here to insert predators ("hoiks") into the simulation, which the other birds avoid.